1 is greater than 0 with Margin


Then what …

I have a mental process I go through where I ask myself, “Then what?” I try to take that question as far as I can, and once I dead-end with the final outcome, I ask myself, “Is all the time and energy it will take to achieve that end result worth the trade off?”

For example, let’s say you desire a killer, ripped body. And let’s say it will take working out two hours a day, fives days a week, for two years to achieve it. Once you’ve achieved it, “Then what?” Margin is gone.

I don’t think many people look closely at the time (margin) variable in this equation. If you do the simple math with the example above, you just traded 1,040 hours for a result that fades and won’t truly matter in the end. Do you think the mighty Arnold lays in bed each night joyfully reflecting on all the muscly hours he spent in the gym when he was in his 20’s?


• 1,040 hours is nothing in comparison to how much time (margin) some people spend. Imagine all that could’ve been accomplished with that amount of time.