I’ve had 5 near-death experiences that I know of:

  • Taken to ER for Asthma attack at age 5
  • Mom saved me from drowning at age 7
  • Car accident (windshield/head) at age 16
  • Car accident (windshield/head) at age 26
  • Motorcycle accident (life flight) at age 27

I’m the Business Liaison for Washington County Drug Court even though I’ve been arrested for:

  • Juvenile & Misdemeanor Theft
  • Aggravated Theft I
  • PCS & DCS
  • DUI


My DNA is divinely twisted:

  • I was knit together around the first part of October ’75 and was born on June 10th, ’76
  • I was born in Shreveport, La., raised all over Texas and I live in Newberg, OR
  • I’m joyfully married (1997). I have one son (Braylon ’02) & one daughter (Angel ’06)
  • I thought about going to Washington State University but I ended up going to Washington County
  • I don’t have a high school diploma, GED or any college credits
  • I should be dead but I’m alive and because I died, I’m now truly alive
  • I’ve discovered multiple hidden treasures over the last ten years
  • I like vacuum lines in the carpet
  • I once drove a Judge to prison
  • I’m fascinated with seeds
  • I absolutely love Sushi

My Creative Job Journey

My creative journey before design consisted of 24 different jobs from the ages of 16-27

Office Depot
J.K. Gill
Meier & Frank
Club Tan

Hollywood Video
River’s Edge Athletic Club
SelectTemp Employment
Rick’s Fencing
Power Plumbing

Barnes & Noble
Big Red’s
Video Only
Rose City Messenger
Metal Roofing Co.
Portland Mausoleum

Ashley Furniture
HB Engineers
Farmers Insurance
Tualatin Spine & Rehab
Rogue Rods
The Oregonian

My Creative Career Journey

My career journey from 2004 to present day.

2004-2006 | Guitar Center – Graphic Artist
2007-2010 | SCBN – Creative Director
2011-2012 | Fidelity National Title – Creative Director
2013-2014 | Human Investing – Art Director & Web Analyst
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