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What is E320?

Why E320?

The E320 Principle

I wrote about this principle in my book which I found in one of my favorite books that happens to be inside of another popular book.

WARNING: I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to because this principle will force you to think outside the box and imagine exSEEDingly. It’s not a mystery and it’s not something new under the sun … even though it is!

 W, X, Y = E320

W: When you imagine exSEEDinlgy and think differently…

X: You begin to see potential which leads to purpose that results in passion…

Y: And then you can begin to live a fruitful and abundant life!

That’s why I believe W, X, Y = E320.



I drove a Judge to prison in his personal vehicle. He was the same Judge who presided over my felony case.


∞ Jails and Prisons
∞ Schools and Churches
∞ Businesses and Nonprofits


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“Now to Him who is able to {carry out His purpose and} do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think {infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams}, according to His power that is at work within us,” – E3:20

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I once spoke at an Alumni Chapel to a group of students at the very high school where I was expelled.

The Book – $23.20


The more books you’ve read, the more stretched you’ll be during this book. If you choose to read this book while sitting in a cubicle, know that you may feel the walls closing in. If this happens, put the book down and count to eleven – but not ten because that’s the typical box number that box people to count to.

I see too many people blindly jumping into predefined boxes. Boxes are usually built by safe, protective people that need structure. Structure isn’t a bad thing, but why settle for living a box when there’s an entire forest waiting to be explored?

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A word that means so many things depending on who you ask. A word that gets overused and at times even gets described as if it were vanilla when in fact it’s the entire ice cream shop.

I feel sorry for potential. He was just going about his day when all of a sudden, people began to talk about him in a boring and stale way. No one saw him for who he was or who he could be (which is ironic). He knew he was more than people were saying about him but he didn’t have a say in the matter since he was just a word on paper.

Potential is not just a smart kid who gets B’s and could one day get A’s. That’s obvious. Potential is the unseen. Potential is unceasing, never ending, always growing and somehow constantly pregnant with more of its abundant self.

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I was hired at a Fortune 500 company with three felonies on my record – without filling out a job application.