It’s interesting to me that Jesus appointed Judas as Treasurer knowing he’d betray him for money.

God gave me the opportunity to be Jesus to someone. I had a laptop that was dying and I needed all the data copied to a thumb drive before it completely died. So, I took my laptop to this guy who had technical experience and I paid him to retrieve all the data for me.

This guy had recently been arrested and charged with ID Theft for making a fake ID on his laptop and was also charged with possession of Meth as well (For the record: I knew of his charges before we met for coffee).

When we met up, I offered him the project, paid him in advance, and told him that what he did in the past … is in the past! Come to find out (after he accepted the project and we talked for a bit) that two months previous he was homeless and hopeless.

He kept thanking me because he was broke and was struggling to find work. As he rode off on his bike carrying my bag with my laptop, he also unknowingly rode off with a brand new Bible that I had placed in the bag for him.

Two hours later, Matt text me:

Then the next day he text me:

We must love people like Jesus did and does. We must look past their past as if they never sinned or were ever convicted. Jesus loved knowing betrayal was around the corner. For us, there’s a 50/50 chance people will betray us and yet we still hold back at times because of what we know.

I believe in order for someone to make the RIGHT choice,
they have to be given an opportunity to make
the WRONG choice – otherwise, it’s not a choice!