Seth Godin said, "Every new project starts out fun…then gets really hard, and not much fun at all." These are ideas that I never took beyond the sticky note because I didn't truly believe in them. If someone else gives life to these ideas, awesome!


No one enjoys washing peanut butter off of their utensil. It's beyond arduous (1st world problem). So, what if the knife (utensil) was built into the lid? Peanut butter lids would have knives. Yogurt would have spoons. Etc.


You've seen those old-school pocket doors that would miraculously slide out of the wall. You've seen young parents who have those flimsy, plastic gates in doorways to keep their kids out of certain rooms? Well, let's marry the two ideas. But, the two ideas must be built into the original blueprints and mandatory for all apartments.


This idea could either be an App or a function within a platform. Let's use Facebook for example. What if a 15-minute timer started the moment you clicked "Post" and it didn't post until the timer expired? This feature MIGHT cut down on spur-of-the-moment rants.