Margin is a treasure


Kairos = Margin

I’ve discovered a hidden treasure called margin. The discovery wasn’t just reading about it, and saying, “That sounds good!” The discovery happened when I put it to the test, measured it, and walked it out.

To define terms, I’m using the word margin here relating to time opposed to money or space. I’ve read a couple books on margin, and I walked away asking myself why I had never heard of this before. I now know why. In order for someone to tell you about the margin in their life, they have to have margin in their life so they can take the time to tell you!

I thought about writing an entire book on margin, but I didn’t think anyone would take the time to read it, so instead I’ll tell you about one that’s already been written (that’s my “Then what?” process in action). The book is A Minute of Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson.


• Carve out time to read that book. But don’t just read it. Put it into practice. You will discover hidden treasures, but not without sacrifice.