Margin is analytics


what is this word?

It’s not about human psychology. It’s not about statistics. It’s not about social media behavior. It’s not about numbers. Hu<man[Analytics] is about understanding real, human interaction and connection opposed to things that don’t move the needle. Real looks and feels like serenity, acceptance, faith, trust, peace, rest, passion, purpose. These are all things that come from “being” opposed to “doing”. These things are discovered, not bought.

You may be saying, “So, how do I discover these things?” Well, some of the discovery will come from this book, but the majority will come from the process (not planning) after the understanding occurs. Once you have a clear understanding, you can then begin the process to discover, distill & distribute. If you do not take the time to gain clear understanding, then you may continue to live in a world of dissonance – a state of mental conflict.


• Know that the analytics follow the humans, and the humans are searching for the treasures!