Margin is not money

Time does not equal Money

Chronos vs Kairos

My line graph of understanding spiked the day I learned the difference between chronos and kairos.

Let’s pretend the most distilled definition of chronos is quantity, and kairos is quality. Now let’s say that quantity is money, and quality is time. Got it?

For a long time, I’ve heard people say that time is money, and money is time. There was a time when I agreed with that statement. No longer. Now if I hear that statement, I ask this question, “Can you please define what you mean by the word time?” because I’ve seen kairos produce things that chronos can’t.


• So, if you could only choose money or time, which one would you choose? Be honest.

• Also, know that you can’t trade one for the other down the road, and that one won’t produce the other. The further down the road you get, the further away you’ll be from the other.

• Then what?