One Fear

My one fear minus a vasectomy reversal
is anyone thinking of me as, seeing me as,
or hearing me as religious.

To me, religion is like the taste of a grapefruit soaked in apple cider vinegar – it’s vile. Religion breeds judgment, division, hatred, and war. Jesus was anti-religion.

If you say,

“I don’t believe in Jesus. He was just a long-haired hippie.”

I will say,

“Ok. That’s cool. I’m hungry. Can I buy you lunch?”

I never have and never will push my beliefs on anyone. I’m very intentional every day about not doing anything that could come across as religious. I’ve even moved away from referring to myself or associating myself with the word “Christian” because of how it’s tragically morphed into a negative term for some people over the past hundred years.

I won’t wear a cross necklace. I won’t put a fish sticker on my car. I won’t hold a John 3:16 sign. I won’t invite people to church. The list goes on. I will love people – All people. I will help people – Rich and poor. I will share my story and thoughts with those who ask.

If someone said to me,

“Ricky, will you go with me to a wedding for a gay, bi-racial, atheist couple who runs an abortion clinic and heavily supports the political candidate that you don’t?”

I would say,

“Yes. I would love to. I’m not religious!” 🙂